Carolyn Thatcher


'seek first to understand before being understood’

Carolyn is the Superintendent of GEMS Saudi International School.

She is a passionate and committed global educator who has worked across a broad and diverse range of K-12 landscapes.

Her leadership paradigm is dynamic and reflects the context and teams she works with delivering the vision and mission of the institution.

Carolyn’s strength is empowering and building the capacity of others through mentoring and coaching to increase individual and collective efficacy as this is the foundation of improving the educational outcomes and journey for all students under her care and leadership.

Carolyn has taught and lead across 10 Schools, inclusive of Elementary, Secondary and K-12 Colleges over a period of 30 years. 

Most recently she was the Director General of an elite private group of schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

She has also worked with Australian Universities to mentor, supervise and coach teaching graduates.

Carolyn’s Education qualifications include:

Master of Educational Leadership; Bachelor of Education : K-12 and Bachelor of Arts majoring in English, Mathematics and Visual Arts.

In addition, she has achieved the following:

  • Educator of the Year  - Western Australian Education Department
  • International Instructor – Rock and Water Program (Gadaku Institute – Netherlands)
  • First Steps Literacy and Numeracy Program Specialist: Primary and Secondary
  • Behavior Management Specialist: K-12      
  • Students with Special Needs Specialist: K-12    
  • Train the Trainer Instructor: Educational Reform

Carolyn recognizes with respect the foundations and providence established in all school communities and endeavours to collaborative with all key stakeholders to ‘live’ the core values that underpin the culture of the school.

She believes that students today think and operate differently to those of years gone by as we live in a time of rapid change. Her leadership focus is to develop strong coping mechanisms, transferable life skills and strategies that equip students to problem solve; innovate and adapt for the unknown.

Carolyn believes we should focus on nurturing and inspiring the mind, heart, body and spirit of each student to enable them to explore their full potential, find their niche and – ultimately –  move into adult life with a confidence that will allow them to navigate all of life’s opportunities and challenges successfully in a global ecosystem.

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