Todd Greene​

English language Teacher

* Todd is a dedicated, creative and  highly-experienced educator who loves his work!

* Hello, I’m Todd Greene. I am currently teaching English language Arts (E.L.A) To grade five and six at GEMS Saudi International school. This is my third year with this school. I previously taught grade four.

* I hold a B.A degree majoring in History and minoring in English Literature. I also hold an associates degree in Social Sciences with a major in Geography.

* I have been a primary school teacher in the Gulf Region for six years. I previously taught primary school in Kuwait.

* I  have always believed that students are all born intelligent and learn from the world around them accordingly. Students learn best when the learning environment is designed to meet the developmental needs of each student and one that encourages exploration, creativity and independence. The role of the educator is to design the environment that provokes an understanding of new concepts and to interact with students in ways that develop language, thinking skills and a love of nature..

* Examples of relevant work

- Ten years as a primary and secondary teacher in Seoul, South Korea

- Eight years working in Japanese Public Schools as a primary and secondary teacher.


* Bilingual leader, fluent in Arabic and English, IELTS score 7.5. 

· Co-founded three schools. 

· Familiar with American, Australian, and the British

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