Hany Al-Fiky

Arabic Language Teacher

* BA in Arabic Language .

* General Diploma in Education.

 * Pre-Master in Teaching Methods. 

* Hany Al-Fiky works as an Arabic language teacher at GEMS Saudi International Schools. Our beautiful language is the language of the Holy Qur’an. Hany has over 24 years of successful teaching experience.
* Hany Al-Fiky 's message: Establishing morals, values, and principles in the hearts of learners so that knowledge has the best benefit and the best impact. Always leave a beautiful impact where you walk. With knowledge and morals, people build their glory.
  •  A nation was not built on ignorance and lack of knowledge.

* Examples of businesses that serve the educational field:

1-Distinguished teacher at the level of the educational sector.

2- Teaching  Arabic language and training teachers of the Arabic language on modern teaching .

3- The cycle of active learning, its various mechanisms and strategies, effective teaching.

4- Diversity within the educational field as a subject teacher, trainer, supervisor and then head of the Arabic language department.