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For any inquiries, information, student absences, and feedback, please email [email protected]

Name Position Email Address EXT (+966-13-331-5800)
Ms. Katia Abou Chakra Superintendent [email protected] 500
Ms. Maritza Vorster Deputy Superintendent [email protected] 501
Mr. Ean Alleyne Academic Director [email protected] 510
Ms. Reem AlShamsi Middle & High School Principal [email protected] 507
Ms. Nouf AlMousa Upper Elementary Principal [email protected] 506
Ms. Fatimah AlWasmi Kindergarten / Lower Elementary Principal [email protected] 502
Ms. Allison Alomair Middle & High School Phase Leader [email protected]
Ms. Sahar Kilani Upper Elementary Phase Leader [email protected] 624
Ms. Rita Barsbay Kindergarten & Lower Elementary Phase Leader [email protected] 615
Ms. Mawaheb Alsaleh National Identity Leader [email protected] 626
Ms. Samar Alghamdi Floor Monitor of Kindergarten [email protected] 616
Ms. Hessa Alqahtani Floor Monitor of G1 Girls/Boys [email protected] 613
Ms. Houda Aldossary Floor Monitor of G 2-3 Girls/Boys [email protected] 619
Ms. Yousra Alheez Floor Monitor of G 4 Boys [email protected] 621
Ms. Amal Aljahlan Floor Monitor of G 4-6 Girls [email protected] 625
Ms. Nada Alqahtani Floor Monitor of G 7-8 Girls [email protected] 618
Ms. Ebtisam Alotaibi Floor Monitor of G 9-11 Girls [email protected] 614
Ms. Sara Alsibgh Human Resources Business Partner [email protected] 540
Ms. Manal Almunajim Receptionist [email protected] 600
Ms. Mariam Alnaim Receptionist [email protected] 601
Ms. Zainab Alrbash School Nurse [email protected] 605
Ms. Sara Alsuhaimi Activity Coordinator [email protected] 617
Ms. Lulwah Alnaim Activity Coordinator [email protected]
Ms. Elaf Alsaikhan School Counselor [email protected] 607
Ms. Areej Aljaber Registrar [email protected] 603
Ms. Doaa Aljoghaiman School Admin [email protected] 621
Ms. Latifah Alyahya School Admin [email protected]
Ms. Suad AlGhamdi MOE Admin Assistant(Noor System) [email protected] 606
Ms. Ahoud Aldossary Parent Relation Executive [email protected] 602
Ms. Suheba Aftabul EdTech [email protected] 551
Ms. Mishael AlYami EdTech [email protected] 612
Ms. Maha Shailkh ICT Support [email protected]
Ms. Huda Alhusseini KG1 Homeroom Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Hind Alfuwairs KG1 Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Hind Alfuwairs Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Judith Demition Support Staff
Ms. Girly Refran Support Staff
Ms. Masa Hejazi KG2 (A) Homeroom Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Maha Alali KG2 (A) Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Maha Alali Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Cynthia Magbaleta Support Staff
Ms. Eradaa Marwa KG2 (B) Homeroom Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Shahad AlKharshami KG2 (B) Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms.Shahad Alkashrami Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Laluna Quirante Support Staff
Ms. Hala Wahab KG3 (A) Homeroom teacher [email protected]
Ms. Maha Alsubaie KG3 (A) Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Maha Alsubaie Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Cheryl Evangelio Support Staff
Ms. Jayola Williams KG3 (B) Homeroom teacher [email protected]
Ms. Suha Alzahrani KG3 (B) Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Suha Alzahrani Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Loreta Libiternos Support Staff
Ms. Zana Nassar KG3 (C) Homeroom teacher [email protected]
Ms. Gina Leysis KG3 (C) Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Gina Leysis KG3 (D) Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Gina Leysis Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Ida Clemente Support Staff
Ms. Samar Soudani G1 (A) Homeroom teacher [email protected]
Ms. Shuaa Alfuwairis Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Dana Alkabra G1 (B) Homeroom teacher [email protected]
Ms. Jumana Alqahtani Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Alaa Alshishani G1 (C) Homeroom teacher [email protected]
Ms. Manal Alaqeel Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Mariam ElKeraby G1 (D) Homeroom teacher [email protected]
Ms.Shoug Albloushi Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Sarah Hamzeh G1 (E) Homeroom Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Ayat Alanizi Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Aysha Mamnon G1 (F) Homeroom Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Jamela Alqahtani Teacher Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Sherry Ahmad G2 (A) Homeroom Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Malika Khan, G2 (B) Homeroom Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Suzan Abu Obid G2 (C) Homeroom Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Judy Jamaleddine G2 (D) Homeroom Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Anastasia Sharapanivska G3 (A) Homeroom Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Giada Ciresola G3 (B) Homeroom Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Dawna Abuennab G3 (C) Homeroom Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Shabia Serwar G3 (D) Homeroom Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Leen Alshayeb Reading Program [email protected]
Ms. Alanood Alharbi Arabic, KG3 [email protected]
Ms. Zahra Alruwaie Arabic, KG1/ KG2 (A+B) [email protected]
Ms. Alaa Gathan Arabic, G1 (A+C+E) Arabic B G1(B) [email protected]
Ms. Hanan AlMatar Arabic, G1 (B+D+F) Arabic B G1(E) [email protected]
Ms. Raghad Alhammad Arabic, G2 (A+B+C+D) [email protected]
Ms. Muneera Alsultan Arabic, G3 (A+B+C+D) [email protected]
Ms. Maryam AlMulihi Arabic, G4 (A+B+C+D) / G5(A+B) [email protected]
Ms. Amirah Alqahtani Arabic, G6 (A+B) /G7/ G8 (A+B) [email protected]
Ms. Munirah AlHarbi Arabic, G11/ G10/ G9 [email protected]
Ms. Hind AlHumain Arabic, G2 (B+D) + G3 (B+D) [email protected]
Ms. Munirah AlHarbi Arabic, G4 (A+B) / G5 (B) [email protected]
Ms. Razan Aldugailan Arabic, G2 (C) /G4 (D) /G6(B) /G10 [email protected]
Ms. Arwa Alahmari Arabic, G7 / G8 (B) / G9 [email protected]
Ms. Reem AlEssa Arabic, KG1/ KG2(A+B)/KG3 (A+B+C+D) [email protected]
Ms. Sara Alolyan Arabic, G1 (B+C+D+E+F) [email protected]
Ms. Mariam AlMobayedh Arabic, G1 (A) / G2 (A+B+C+D) [email protected]
Ms. Sharifa Al Whamid Arabic, G3 (A+B+C+D) /G7 [email protected]
Ms. Najah Alotaibi Arabic, G4 (A+B+C+D) [email protected]
Ms. Bashair Alamri Arabic, G5(A+B) / G6 (A+B) [email protected]
Ms. Noha Adam Arabic, G8(A+B) /G9 /G10/G11 [email protected]
Ms. Almunirah Alnami Arabic, G3 (B+D) /G4 (B+D) /G5(B) [email protected]
Ms. Hussah Busbait Arabic, G1 (C+F) / G2 (B+D) [email protected]
Ms. Ibtihal Alzahrani Arabic, G6 (B) / G7 / G8 (B) / G9/G10 [email protected]
Ms. Eman Alghamdi Arabic, G4/ G5 / G6 / G7 [email protected]
Ms. Nouf Alqahtani Arabic, G8(A+B) /G9 /G10/G11 [email protected]
Ms. Hussah Busbait Arabic, G4 (B+D)/G8(B) /G9 /G10 [email protected]
Ms. Nouf Alqahtani Arabic, G5 (B) /G6(B) /G7 [email protected]
Ms. Zainab Ali Science G5 (A+B) / G6 (A+B) [email protected]
Ms. Natalie Karimeh Science, G4 (A+B+C+D) [email protected]
Ms. Samenah Science, G7 [email protected]
Ms. Sara Rajeh Science, G8 (A) [email protected]
Ms. Radwa Khamis Science, G8 (B) [email protected]
Ms. Sara Rajeh Science, G11/ G10 / G9 [email protected]
Ms. Samenah Science, G11/ G10 / G9 [email protected]
Ms. Radwa Khamis Science, G11/ G10 / G9 [email protected]
Ms. Abir Manniah G4 (A+D) /G5 (A) [email protected]
Ms. Abiola Olota G4 (B+C) [email protected]
Ms. Aadilah Sarang G5 (B) / G6 (A+B) [email protected]
Ms. Allison Alomair G11 (A) / G10 / G7 [email protected]
Ms. Khawla Aicha Mekid G11 (B) / G9 / G8 (A+B) [email protected]
Ms. Sadeem Aljaafari G4 (A+B) / G5 (A+B) [email protected]
Ms. Enas Asfour G4 (C+D) /G6 (A+B) [email protected]
Ms. Nouf Al Majzoub G7 / G8 (A+B) / G9 [email protected]
Ms. Claudia Saadah G11 / G10 [email protected]
Ms. Nouf Alqahtani Humanities, G4/ G5 [email protected]
Ms. Nora Alfurayan Humanities, G6 to G11 [email protected]
Ms. Shouq AlGhamdi PE KG1 / KG2 /KG3 /G1 [email protected]
Ms. Elham Alodaini PE, G2 /G3/G4 (A+B) [email protected]
Ms. Iman Shamli PE, G4 (C+D) / G5 to G11 [email protected]
Ms. Suhaila Mahmoud PE, G4 to G11 [email protected]
Ms. Nada Abughaben ART, KG 1/ KG2 /KG3 / G1/ G2 [email protected]
Ms. Atheer Alshehri ART, G3 to G11 [email protected]
Ms. Maha Sheikh ICT, KG1 / KG2 / KG3 / G1 / G2 [email protected]
Ms. Bunayya Parambil ICT, G3 to G11 [email protected]
Ms. Sarah Dehmas French, G1 to 3 / G4 (A+B) to 11 [email protected]
Ms. Sana Adrees French, G1 to 3 / G4 (A+B) to 11 [email protected]
Mr. Wasim Badran French, G4 Boys [email protected]
Ms. Abiola Olota Drama, G4(A+B) /G5(A+B) [email protected]
Ms. Clarisse Hanna Drama, G1 to 3 / G6 to G11 [email protected]
Mr. Fuad Alhage Music, G1-2 - G4 (C+D) [email protected]
Ms. Dima Abdin, Music G3-G11 [email protected]
Ms. Amnah Alshaikh Culinary Art, G1-11 [email protected]
Ms. Netsai Bingepinge Economics, G9/ G10/ G11 [email protected]
Name Position Email Address EXT
Ms. Katia Abou Chakra Superintendent [email protected] 500
Ms. Maritza Vorster Deputy Superintendent [email protected] 501
Mr. Ean Alleyne Academic Director [email protected] 510
Mr. Ahmed Alasmari Elementary, Middle & High School Principal [email protected] 504
Mr. Fahad Alasiri Academic Vice Principal [email protected] 506
Ali Alesbea School Admin [email protected] 571
Mr. Sultan Alotaibi Grade 5 and 6 [email protected] 577
Mr. Hamad Alyami Grade 7 to 11 [email protected] 578
Mr.Adam Javed English, G6A to 7 [email protected]
Mr.Mohamed Alharbi English, G5 & 6B [email protected]
Mr.Mohammed Harb Science & Biology, G8 to 11 [email protected]
Mr.Mustafa Almohsen Science & Physics, G6A,7, 9 to 11 [email protected]
Mr.Ayoub Ali Science & Chemistry, G5, 6B, 9 to 11 [email protected]
Mr.Tabraz Basha Mathematics, G9 to 11 [email protected]
Mr.Taimoor Awan Mathematics, G7 to G8 [email protected]
Mr.Guled Nuh Mathematics, G5 to 6 [email protected]
Mr.Ali Subiai Arabic,Arabic A 5A/5B/6A/6B Arabic B G/9A/10A [email protected]
Mr.Ayman Aslan Arabic, A Gr.7A/7B Arabic B Gr.5A /G8A [email protected]
Mr.Hany Alfiky Arabic A Gr.8A/8B/9A/10/11A Arabic B Gr. G6A /G7A [email protected]
Mr.Mohamad Al Khamis Islamic, Gr.5A/5B/6A Social Studies Gr.5A/5B/6A [email protected]
Mr.Ali Alshamlani Islamic, Gr.6B/8A/8B Social Studies Gr.6B/8A/8B/11A [email protected]
Mr.Abdullah Alammari Islamic, Gr.7A/7B/9A/10A/11A Social Studies Gr.7A/7B/9A /10A [email protected]
Mr.Abdullah Al Ribi Islamic Support & Social Studies, Gr. 5-10 and 7B [email protected]
Mr.Mohamed Mateen ICT, G5 to 11 [email protected]
Mr.Nadim Feghali French and Humanities, G5 to 11 [email protected]
Mr.Wassim Badran French, G5 to 11 [email protected]
Mr.Abdulrahman Alsaleh P.E, G5 to 11 [email protected]
Mr.Ahmed Abou Zeinah Arts, G5 to 11 [email protected]
Mr.Ali Itani Drama, G5 to 11 [email protected]
Mr.Fouad Al Haj Music, G5 to 11 [email protected]
Mr.Fadi Hamouda P.E, G5 to 11 [email protected]