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Welcome to GEMS Saudi International School - Dhahran

Welcome to this exciting new chapter in GEMS Education in Saudi Arabia and most importantly the opening of our first International School.  It is not often that one has the opportunity to be a foundation member of a school along with the privilege to contribute in shaping its strategic direction and future.

Our foundation Leadership Team, teachers and administration staff have all been working diligently in establishing all the educational requirements and logistics to ensure GEMS Saudi International School (GSIS) opens its doors in August providing a high level of professionalism and unprecedented quality education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

At GSIS we are committed to providing an inspirational education that honors the traditions of Islam and the Arabic Culture as well as delivering a high-quality American Curriculum with our teachers using the best international pedagogical practice. Our students today think and operate differently to the students of years gone by.  Therefore, we must help them develop strong coping mechanisms, transferable life skills and strategies so they can problem solve effectively for the future.

Our focus is on nurturing the whole child by inspiring the mind, heart, body and spirit of each girl and boy to promote strength of character.  We seek to enable each student to explore their potential and find their gifts, so they can move into adulthood with confidence to navigate all of life’s opportunities and challenges successfully.

GSIS students will be fortunate to have access to excellent facilities and resources as well as passionate and inspirational teachers and staff who place the individual needs of their students as the focus of all they do.  Our goal is to provide an environment where through positive relationships all students have access to a variety of programs that will shape their growth and development initially KG through to Grade 8; and then progressively through to Grade 12.

At GSIS all staff will proactively role model open, honest and positive communication with the families of all our students to build lasting and respectful relationships.  Working together will enable us to provide the best possible education for our students and make the difference we seek.

My hope and ambition is that each GSIS student will understand and appreciate the significance of all they learn during their time with us and recognize this as a gift as they move into adult life. You too, as a GSIS  Foundation Team member will have the opportunity to ‘grow’ in your professional expertise  and personal development. I  look forward to you joining us as we begin this wonderful journey together.

Ms. Carri Thatcher


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