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Welcome to GEMS Saudi International School - Dhahran house!

This is a very exciting new chapter in our journey in Saudi Arabia.

It is a school that we are extremely proud of, a school that will flourish to become an example of best teaching practices both locally and globally.
We are proud of our Saudi identity as well as being part of a family of over seventy GEMS schools around the world.
I feel privileged and very excited to have been appointed superintendent of GSIS.

I strive to lead both houses and steer their strategic direction to achieve all the distinction and success our students have the potential for. 
We empower our students to become global citizens, lifelong learners, and future leaders capable of building on the strong foundation of Vision 2030.
We are committed to providing a values-led education that honors the true traditions of Islam and the Saudi culture. 


Our core values of Respect, Empathy, Compassion and Mindfulness are at the heart of our daily life and unite our community. 
I am confident that our international team of outstanding teachers will deliver a high-quality American curriculum since we provide various and ongoing opportunities for teacher professional learning and development guided by the most recent research in education.

We will create individual learning journeys for each and every child, all the way up from kindergarten to graduation. 
All our staff will be open, honest, and positive when communicating with our students’ families to build lasting, respectful, and productive partnerships.  
I look forward to welcoming you at our school as we begin this wonderful journey together. 

I am sure you will absolutely love the positive energy and enthusiasm of our community

Ms. Katia Abou Chacra

More About GSIS - Dhahran

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