Admission process

Admissions Process


Admissions Steps

  1. Submit enquiry at online here or by email at [email protected]
  2. The school team will contact you to proceed with the next steps of the admissions process within 24 hours
  3. A screening test will be booked for your child as soon as required documentation is received
  4. An offer letter will be issued upon student’s acceptance
  5. Enrolments fees to be paid online or via cash counter

Admissions Documents

  • 4 recent passport photographs (on photographic paper please) please print student’s name clearly at the back of each picture
  • Copy of your child’s passport plus valid residency visa
  • Copy of child sponsor passport plus valid residency visa
  • Copy of child’s Saudi family ID card
  • Original ID to verify copy
  • Copy of child sponsor Saudi ID card (Valid Iqama)
  • Student health report and results of medical check-up. Template is available on Noor system
  • Copy of the child’s birth certificates
  • Vaccination card that reflects the regular intake of vaccines to the date of applying to school.
  • Report card

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