Ali Itani

Drama Teacher

* BA in Theater

* BA in Cinema & TV

* MA Formation of an actor - In Progress -

* Ali is an inspiring, Enormously patient, persistent, and creative drama teacher who believe that drama can reshape students and bring out the best version of them.

* Ali Itani is the drama teacher at Saudi Gems International School. He has over 6 years of acting and theater production experience; Ali has held various roles as drama instructor, Actor, director, and Acting coach.

* Ali Itani has a Bachelor’s degree in Theater from Lebanese University Faculty of fine arts, Masters in Theater (Formation of an actor) from Lebanese  University (In Progress), Certified Master class in Theater by American university of Beirut, Certified Master class by Dr. MARIA CHRISTIE BAKHOS (vice president of the artistic and cultural organization “THE OTHER THEATER”) in Character creation and script analysis, Certified Master class by Dr. Fadel El Jeff ( Director and Teacher ) in biomechanics and child theater.

* Ali’s qualifications and experiences have helped him in raising standards in the Theater Field and demonstrate the ability to work with children or young people.

t Drama enables students in all levels of education to develop their intellectual skills such as creativity, problem solving, communication, socialization and empathy and it gives individuals the opportunity to think and act creatively, it also helps students express their ideas, emotions, recreate and interpret information. Drama also helps students improve their self-esteem as well as their confidence in their academic abilities. Drama is an artform that challenges and support students to make meaning of their world and enables them to express and communicate their ideas.