Reem Alessa

KG Arabic Language Teacher

* Reem AlEssa has worked as an Arabic Language Teacher in Kindergarten. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Botany and microbiology from Science College in Dammam.


* Reem holds the certificate from the Rehabilitation center and training of kindergarten teachers to work as a kindergarten teacher.


* Reem has eleven years of experience in kindergarten education, where she co-founded three schools and is considered one of the largest schools in the Eastern Region, including Gems Saudi International School. The first challenge in the field of education was the beginning where she anticipated first to teach a kindergarten class was one of the easiest stages but in fact it was one of the hardest.


* Reem worked as a Homeroom Kindergarten teacher in private schools and, then as an Arabic Language teacher in variety International schools. She joined training courses and workshops for several topics of interest to the child, including behavior modification, positive reinforcement, developmental psychology and brain research in the literacy process.


* Reem believes that every child needs a healthy environment to create a strong and confident and receive their education easily and well.


* Positions:-

- Kindergarten Teacher.

- First Teacher to supervise tasks to provide lessons and follow-up preparation.

- Supervising activities that connects from home to school.

- Coordination and manufacture of cognitive games and activities that suit the abilities of the child in the age group and help to develop the skills of writing such as conformity, classification, composition, and gradient.

- Manufacturing pop up stories and magnifying stories.