Fatimah Alwasmi

KG and Lower Elementary Principal

  • BA in Home Economic
  • Ms. Fatimah Alwasmi, GEMS Kindergarten and Early Elementary School Principal, holds a bachelor’s degree from King Faisal University in Home Economic. She has over 12-year experience in the formal education field varying from teaching students, coordinate training staff, developing curriculum and extra- curriculum, and leading schools.


  • Mrs. Alwasmi is passionate of making difference in children’s lives. She believes in creating a healthy and friendly school environment where children grow, learn, play, and explore in a fun and enjoyable way.  She also believes in designing various of learning experience and activities to cater different children needs and ways of learning, ignite their passion and curiosity, develop their life skills and citizenship, and encourage them to become creative, leaders and problem solvers.
  • In addition, Mrs. Alwasmi has a great trust in the power of parents- school collaboration, both play a significant role into the positive development and growth of children. Therefore, she strongly encourages continuous communication and create partnership with parents for better outcomes and results.