Katia Abu Chacra

School Superintendent

  • Katia is a visionary school leader who firmly believes in leading with empathy and striving for excellence in all her endeavors. With a strong educational background and a wealth of experience, she brings a unique leadership approach to her role.


  • Having completed her A-Levels in the UK, Katia's journey took her to Beirut, where she pursued a BA in English Literature from the prestigious American University of Beirut (AUB). Recognizing the importance of educational leadership, she furthered her academic qualifications by obtaining an MA in Educational Leadership and Management from Liverpool John Moores University. Katia's dedication to professional growth is evident as she aspires to pursue a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership, demonstrating her commitment to continually expand her knowledge and skills in the field.


  • Katia's career in education began in Lebanon as an English teacher. Over the course of almost a decade, she excelled in various roles, including subject team leader and English department Head of Department (HOD). Seeking new challenges, Katia then relocated to Saudi Arabia, where she assumed the position of Deputy Principal.


  •  Before her appointment as the Superintendent of GEMS Saudi International Schools Dhahran, Katia played a pivotal role as the founding Principal of Downe House Riyadh. This experience allowed her to immerse herself in diverse multicultural settings and foster her passion for contemporary educational research. Her constant quest for excellence, combined with her ability to empower and inspire others, positions her as a catalyst for transformative change within the school communities she leads.


  • Katia envisions a bright future for GSIS and is actively working with her team to navigate the school's natural growth journey, aiming to achieve full capacity. In addition to providing a strong foundation in traditional subjects, GSIS offers a wide range of diverse and rigorous performing and visual arts programs, catering to the holistic development of its students. The school's commitment to academic rigor and continuous improvement is further exemplified by its accreditation by Cognia, a trusted international accrediting agency.


  • Under Katia's leadership, GSIS is experiencing significant growth and evolution year after year. Her visionary approach, coupled with her emphasis on collaboration and innovation, fosters a culture of excellence and creativity within the school community. By embracing emerging educational trends and leveraging the collective talents of her team, Katia is spearheading the transformation of GSIS into a leading institution that prepares students to excel in the rapidly changing global landscape.