Reem Alshamsi

Middle and High School Principal

  • Reem is a passionate trained educator who is a Saudi native with over 10 years of experiences in teaching, school management and administration and leadership and academic proficiency and Common Core Standards
  • After receiving a bachelor’s degree of Education form the University of Dammam, Reem knew she wanted to further her profession and broaden the scope of education. Reem furthered her education by receiving her master’s degree from the University of Ottawa in Canada, as well as an Advanced English and Teaching Pedagogy Certification from the University of Ottawa.
  • Reem’s passion for education was quickly recognized through her work. As her passion exuded through her work with students, she received many accolades and job promotions in international schools over the years. Reem has taught all grade levels and has interchangeably taught various subjects in English. As an Academic Vice Principal, Reem successful aligned Saudi Ministry of Education high school standards with the United States Common Core Standards. This performance led to the successful rate of passing the Qudrat exam. Reem is also has extensive and superior knowledge of the U.S, accreditation process, known as COGNIA. She is trained in the process and continues to update herself on any new processes involving school accreditation and maintaining the increased standards for international schools to supply an American high school diploma upon completion of the 12th grade.
  •  Reem seeks programs that involve building students academically and socially. Her involvement in Franklin Covey, Leader in Me  program led her to be part of making her international school a Lighthouse School for Leadership. The accreditation built a positive community where parents and students engaged in leadership and learning.
  • Ms. Alshamsi advocates and applies her education, passion and love for her country through developing the minds of today to be the future. She is a hands-on administrator that is fluent in English and enjoys building a positive school environment through teamwork, progressive leadership and maintaining a student-centered focus.