Abdullah Ali Al-Ammari

Islamic Education Teacher

* Abdullah is an educator, and a teacher who strives for the best!

* Abdullah works as a teacher of Islamic education and social education. I have more than 14 years of successful teaching experience. I also worked as a student guide and stage agent.

* Abdullah Al-Amari holds a Bachelor's degree in Fundamentals of Religion from Imam Muhammad bin Saud University, and some courses in educational strategies, psychology, and leadership.

* I worked in three schools, and thank God, a successful footprint has been placed in education.

* Related business examples

- Islamic education teacher at the National Education School.

- A student guide in the National Education School

- Undersecretary at Al-Awael Private School.

- Administrative and honorary club in Qadisiyah.

- Providing courses for teachers in classroom management.

* Objectives :

1 - Increased production, which is a consequence of increased cooperation.

2 - Achieving cooperation between workers in the same society, strengthening friendly relations and close understanding, and strengthening mutual trust.

3 - Providing a good climate that makes teachers work with peace of mind.

4- Ensure job satisfaction for teachers.