Jade Ciresola

G3 Homeroom Teacher

* BA Science and Technology


* Jade is a bilingual passionate educator who strives for the best!

* Ms. Jade Ciresola is responsible for teaching, learning and assessment at GSIS, Saudi Gems International School Dhahran. She has over 12 years of successful teaching experience; Jade has held various academic roles including Homeroom Teacher, Science Teacher, Italian language Teacher, Kindergarten Teacher and Music Teacher.

* Jade has a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Technology from Verona University, moreover, she is currently pursuing a Program of English Language and Literature at Open University in UK. Jade has certificates in Early Childhood Education and Development, English Grammar and Phonetics from CPD College, Ireland. Jade’s qualifications and experiences have helped her to settle in different schools, from Italy to Bahrain to Saudi Arabia.

* Behind every child who believes in themselves is a teacher who believed in them first. Jade truly wants to help the children discover their uniqueness because every child is gifted as they just unwrap their packages at different times.