Guled Nuh

Mathematics Teacher

* BSc in
Economics and Business Teaching certificate

* Guled Nuh is a mathematics teacher , currently teaching at Saudi Gems International School. He has over 5 years of successful teaching experience.  Guled  has held various roles including GCSE teacher and primary school teacher.

* Guled Nuh has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business at the University of London in England  and has obtained a teaching certificate .  

* Guled Nuh qualifications and experiences has helped him  to assist students to progress to secondary education well grounded .

* Guled has always believed that students are all born with enthusiasm and a huge potential to do well  and learn from the world around them accordingly through real life teaching examples and social integration  . Students learn best when the learning environment is designed to meet the developmental needs of each student and one that encourages inspiration , high expectation , challenge , exploration, creativity and independence. 

*Relevant Work Experience :

  • Worked in two  international  schools and a local school in London .

  • Familiar with British, and American Curriculum

  • Worked in different areas within the Educational Sector, as subject teacher and primary school  teacher.

  • Taught in two  different countries : United kingdom and Saudi Arabia