Allison Alomair

Grade 4 and Grade 8 -10 , English teacher

*Allison Alomair is a Grade 4 and Grade 8-10  English teacher at GSIS. She has prior experience working in primary as an English teacher from grades two to nine.

Originally from California, U.S.A, Allison finds Saudi Arabia to be her second home. She has had experience living in various countries such as Bahrain, China and Singapore. Her passion is studying languages, some of which are Chinese, Spanish and Arabic.

Allison Alomair holds a BA in English Literature and an MA in English Language and Linguistics from the National University of Singapore. In addition to her degrees, she also holds a CELTA certificate. 

Her understanding of second language acquisition and writing are key to her success in teaching children the skills needed to start their foundation in the American curriculum. She believes that through positivity and perseverance all children can succeed.