Drama Teacher

* College of Education: Cultural and Creative Arts


* BA in Theater Arts




* Abiola Oloto is a Drama Teacher at GEMS Saudi international School. She is an Actor, Director, acting coach with vast experience and passion for helping students express themselves creatively. She has years of experience in play directing, play writing, and dramaturgy.

* Abiola has deep understanding of importance of drama education in developing confidence, creativity , and communication skills in her students.


* Abiola is committed to creating safe and inclusive learning environment where students can feel free to explore their unique voices and perspectives through drama. She believes that every student has the potential to excel in theatrical arts and she makes it a priority to nurture the students’ individual talents while ensuring they develop a solid foundation of acting skills and theatrical knowledge.  


* Abiola’s qualifications and experiences have assisted her in boosting theater standards and demonstrating the capacity to work with children or young people.