Ayman Aslan

Head Of Department Of National Identity Subjects

* Bachelor's degree in Arabic Language / University of Jordan

* Currently doing Master’s in Arabic for Non Native / Malaysia 

* Attended a number of courses and conferences. He won multiple awards 

* Mr. Ayman Aslan is an Arabic language teacher for native and non-native students, Head of the Department of National Identity Subjects in GEMS Saudi International Schools / Boys Department.

* He holds a bachelor's degree in Arabic from the University of Jordan, and a graduate student of  bachelor’s degree in Arabic for Non Naitve in Zainulabideen University Malaysia.

* Ayman Aslan believes that teaching the Arabic language needs talent, professionalism, and high ability, in order to attract students to it and motivate them to practice it.

* He believes that the Arabic language is one of the most important languages in the world, because of its religious, historical and social values.

* And he also believes his role as a teacher is not just to teach the subject or supervise a department, but rather it is an example in emulating the principles of national identity on which this country was based and practicing it.

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