Fouad AL Hage

Music Teacher

* BA in Music education.

* TD in Music Education 

* MA Music Education –In Progress-  

* Fouad El Hage is the music teacher and music subject leader at Saudi Gems International School. He has over 6 years of successful teaching and leadership experience. * Fouad has held various roles as music coordinator, assistant coordinator, music teacher, solfeggio teacher, and choir conductor.

* Fouad El Hage has a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Lebanese University, a Masters in Music Education from Antonine University (in progress), Course Level 6 in Modern Opera Singing in Arabic from the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music, and workshops in Music Facilitator, Music Therapy, Music Communication Skills, and Stress Management.

* Fouad’s qualifications and experiences have helped him raise standards in the music departments and demonstrate his ability to work with children or young people.

* Fouad has always believed that all students, regardless of socio-economic status, physical ability, or intellectual ability, should be offered the opportunity to discover and explore their innate potential as musicians and to increase these natural capacities through formal music instruction. In his opinion, the goal of music education is not only to form an appreciation of the music of others but also to encourage children to shape their own unique musical identity through academic study and performance opportunities. Music education should be guided by the purpose of crafting independent musicians capable of performing, evaluating, and creating music.