Malika Khan

Grade 3 Boys Homeroom Teacher

* Degrees:


- Enrolled in the Master’s program in Education Leadership

* Malika is an enthusiastic educator who believes in instilling a passion for learning!

* Ms. Malika Khan is the Grade 3 Boys Homeroom Teacher at Saudi Gems International School. She has around 9 years of professional working experience as a passionate Elementary Teacher and a Training Consultant.

* Malika is currently enrolled in the Master’s program in Education Leadership at Yorkville University in New Brunswick, Canada. This will upskill her teaching style and take the next step in curriculum design and planning.

* Malika has always believed that empathy is the key factor in educating the heart before educating the mind. She believes it is her responsibility as an educator to impart the knowledge, skills and information needed for students to pursue and accomplish their dreams. Her philosophy is to lead each student to feel comfortable, safe and confident in the learning environment and feel free to explore their own creativity. While it is important to build on strengths, it is equally important to overcome challenges in learning to consider the specific needs of students. Moreover, Malika believes active learning encourages students to build on their prior knowledge and allows student to approach collaboratively to expose themselves to different perspectives.

* Lastly, she believes in creating an artistic, learning process for her students to evolve themselves into strong, confident individuals!