Sherry Ahmad

Grade 2 Girls Homeroom Teacher

* BA in Psychology


* Sherry is a pre & primary teacher who strives for the best!

*Sherry Ahmad is the grade 2 girls’ homeroom teacher, at Saudi Gems International School. This is her second year at GEMS. She has over 6 years of teaching experience in Saudi Arabia. She is an Internationally certified pre & primary teacher. She strives to achieve optimal results by applying recent and differentiated early learning strategies.


* Child psychology, motivational psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, personality psychology, sport psychology, positive psychology, leadership and team management. These courses helped her in shaping her career as a teacher. She has an International Diploma in pre & primary teachers training, Certificates in Classroom and Behavior administration, Language enrichment, Teaching English Grammar, and Montessori Teachers Training.


* Sherry’s qualifications and experiences have helped her deal with the social and emotional development of students while achieving optimal academic results.


* Sherry has always believed that all students are born with unique capabilities and learn from their environment according to them.  In the classroom for students to achieve optimal performance, she uses different motivational techniques. For that she strives to understand and accept the individuality of every student. She believes to work towards giving the classroom a differentiated learning atmosphere. She believes, that we are prepping our students to work together, so for that it is important to create understanding between the students so they can help each other by using one’s strength to overcome another’s weakness. This way they help each other grow, while having fun. In her classroom every child should be able to achieve their full potential. A student competing with himself/herself is the core of her classroom experience.