Wassim Badran

French Teacher And Subject Leader

* BA In French Language and Literature

* TD 1 In French Language and Literature

* TD 2 In Creativity and Innovation

* MA In Education – Supervision and Pedagogical Coordination

* Wassim Badran is a French teacher and subject leader at GEMS International School. He has over 5 years of successful teaching experience;

* Wassim has teach different curriculums with different student's background and profiles. 

* Wassim Badran has a Bachelor’s degree in French Language and Literature from Holy Spirit University, a Teaching diploma in French Language and Literature, a Teaching diploma in creativity and innovation in December from USF, and a Master’s degree in Supervision and Coordination from USEK.  


* Wassim believes that students are the reflection of the person in front of them. The role of the educator is to be a role model and a good influencer to his pupils. He is responsible to respond to their needs, and help them to develop their capacity, talents, and critical thinking. Wassim thinks that t a teacher should have an inner motivation to learn and work on his professional development as a conscious person. If we want to make students learn we must love to learn ourselves and teach the same way we like to be taught.